Top Things You Can Leave behind as you Move

As you start to pack up your things for the move, there are many things to take into account as you decide on what should go with you to your new house. Cookware, clothes and decorations are surely coming with you; however, what about your massive bookcase and light fixtures that seem to fit your new place? Then, the line starts to blur.

The following is a guide to help you in determining what items to bring with you as you move and the items that you need to leave behind.

behind as you Move


Usually, you need to make an agreement with the buyer of your house on the things on the borderline. For instance, appliances are often included in the price negotiations. While the appliances are movable and you are likely to prefer to take them with you, they are usually part of the purchase price. You can leave your kitchen as is; however bring your dryer and washer with you. Actually, it can be more than just home appliances.

In general, any furniture in your house must be brought as you leave your old home. But in case you own a portable entertainment center in your basement which fits your old place, you can choose to sell it together with the house.



Surely, you have worked hard to have perfect azaleas; however, you cannot expect to take your landscaping with you move. Aside from the possibility of the buyer to withdraw from the deal as they see a garden with bare dirt, your plants may not survive the journey. But if there is shrub or tree that you cannot leave behind, call professional gardeners to help you move it and make sure that you talk to the new owners about it first.

Keep in mind that you also have removalists Manly, Sydney to consult with since some removalists will not transport some kinds of plants or trees due to state regulations.


Light Fixtures

If you have installed a very precious chandelier with a sentimental value, you are likely to take it with you. But, general lighting fixtures which either were a part of an upgrade or came with the home must often be left behind. If you plan to bring it with you, make sure that you inform your buyer about your intention.

light fixtures

Anything Affixed or Built-In to the Wall

If it is nailed to the walls or floor, it must stay there. This goes for built-in organisers and storage and anything which would cause damages to the wall or floor when removed. Your bathroom mirrors must stay put especially if they have shelving or are built-in. But there are some exceptions.

For instance, if a plasma TV is attached to the wall, which can come with you. On the flip side, your cheap curtains hanging in the basement that has a tension rod may come with you.

Built-In to the Wall

Parting Gifts

It is even possible for you not to see the new owner of your house as you negotiate what goes and stays or as you go through the escrow process. However, if you are ready to leave, you can leave behind small gifts. Whether they are bouquets of flowers or bottles of wine, leaving a token for new the owner, together with some points for getting things to work right will surely help them feel at home.

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