Should You Have Your Home Rendered in Acrylic?

At some point, most homeowners want to renovate their home. It’s a great way to increase sales value and also transform a home from something boring into something interesting. If you’re sick and tired of the brick veneer that makes your home look like all of the others on the street, why not go for something truly different and render it?

Why Acrylic Render?

Rendering has been around for ages, but materials and processes change and acrylic render in Sydney provides a superior option over the methods of the past. So, why should you consider acrylic rendering for your home? Consider the following reasons:

  • Hide masonry: What’s great about acrylic rendering is that it can be used indoors or outdoors to hide ugly-looking brickwork and masonry. If your home has seen better days and you want a finish that looks great, acrylic rendering might just be the thing for you.
  • Visual appeal: Another reason to use acrylic render is that that can be coloured. This provides an interesting look for any property and can really draw the attention of potential buyers if the home is on the market. Furthermore, the acrylic render can be textured and patterned so that it looks interesting and really draws the eye in a unique way.
  • Weather resistance: If you want to protect your home, acrylic render provides excellent weather resistance. Rendering has been used for a very long time to improve resistance to weather and acrylic render provides a superior and modern solution. This is due in part to the polymers that are contained in the acrylic. It is also crack resistant, and this means that rain water are less likely to enter the material and cause damage.
  • Cost effective: Modern acrylic rendering tends to be less expensive that earlier rendering options. If you’re getting your home ready for sale, this represents good value for the biggest impact.
  • Resistant: The Aussie climate and UV index can be very tough on paint and other materials. This makes it tricky to find a render that is resistant. Fortunately, acrylic rendering is superior in this regard and is highly UV resistant. In fact, it has a standard lifespan of several d
  • Bonding power: What makes acrylic render easy to use is that it only requires a single coat to be effective. It has superior adhesive qualities and bonds quickly to masonry such as brickwork. Other rendering materials that may be silicon-based require multiple coats in order to be effective. This not only saves time, it also means that even an amateur can order a pre-mixed batch of acrylic render and do it themselves.

The Better Rendering Solution

Rendering homes has been around since ancient times, and has traditionally been used to weatherproof underlying materials. Acrylic render provides superior adhesive qualities, durability in the harsh Australian sun, and weather resistance. These properties make it an ideal formulation for rendering any property.

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