Avoid Mistakes While Constructing Green Home

With increasing awareness of how human activities impact the global environment people are taking more interest in applying green building techniques.

While designing a home, there are a lot of aspects to consider right from the house roof to foundation and everything in between. It includes air quality, electrical work and affordability.

Home electrical work

Lessening your carbon footprint is vital for not unbalancing the existing ecosystem.

Avoid building more than necessary

A large house will possibly include unused and wasted space. Moreover, you will have to spend more not only in constructing a large house, but also to heat cool and maintain it. Therefore, build a right size that accommodates your needs, so carefully consider your lifestyle, while planning.

Green large house

Simultaneously, also think ahead like if you are on the way to expand your family or take elderly relatives, which helps to put suitable accommodations in advance.

Avoid ignoring your future

A home is meant to live for life, in few years, you will grow old, and the number of members in the family may come down. So, while planning, think carefully about your needs and lifestyle in future and prepare a plan.


Avoid building on wrong plot

Find the right location and the site of the plot. It sounds wonderful to have plans de chalet (cottage plans) in rustic countryside. Building new home can damage a serene ecosystem.

The local wildlife gets disturbed or eliminated altogether to bring roads and utilities, which does not exist there currently.

cottage plans

Avoid not using sun energy

Build a home that has unhindered solar access from 9am to 3am. Your house front must face the south, which automatically lowers 10% energy costs. Moreover, majority of windows must be placed in the south covered with awnings or overhangs to shield the inside from hot summer rays.

Make use of materials, which absorbs and radiates sun heat. Don’t have glass wall facing south to avoid a totally opposite effect.

sun energy

Avoid using certain products

Internet is the best source to educate and learn everything about green house alternatives. There is no excuse for not using environmental products.

In building homes use sustainable, recycled, low VOC and toxic free products. Everything from roof to foundation, insulation to paint can be all environmentally sound.

home recycled products

Avoid poor insulation and vast energy consumption

Get rid of everything that consumes as well as wastes lots of energy. Use high efficiency electrical and mechanical equipments that are deemed to be energy efficient.

Poor insulation can allow waste of energy, so caulk the gaps around doors, windows, chases and duct work.

home equipments

Consider installing tank-less water heater, which does not allow water to sit around and get heated. There are many green appliances available that can suit every budget.

Avoid ignoring roof insulation

Roof also protects the walls. The weight and shape of the roof plays vital role in energy efficiency. Flat roof holds and collects water, while sloped roof does not. Consult with a team like Otto’s Exterior

Poor insulation roof insulation

Roof insulation is also vital for efficient internal heating and cooling. Placing an appropriate drainage system ensures that the roof will protect your home resourcefully.

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