8 Dining Room Ideas For Making The Most Of Small Dining Space

Do you want to turn a small dining space into an inviting space?

Well, a compact room is not at all a barrier to creating a dream dining space. Just because your dwelling doesn’t have a room for a full, formal dining room does not at all mean that you can’t have a great spot for entertaining. Surely, working with a small dining space is a bit tricky. However, proper planning and smart choice of furniture will surely help you make your small space functional, inviting, and look larger.

No matter how tight limitations you have with just a small dining room or a blank stretch on a wall or a corner in the living room/kitchen, you can set up a super-compact, beautiful yet functional, and comfortable spot to share food and welcome guests. There are plenty of possibilities to get creative and create a compact yet perfect dining spot. Let’s look at tips and tricks to make the most out of small dining space.

  1. Define the space – This is the most important step in setting up a space for dining. If your dining area is part of your living room or kitchen, ensure that the space has its own purpose. If you are going to use a corner in the kitchen or living area as your dining space, then place your dining table to make the most of that space. Even a small round and wood dining table placed in a corner with two chairs can help utilize the space well while adding elegance to the space. Chairs with simple, streamlined designs that take little space can work well here. You can add decorative wall arts or light fixtures to bring more visual interests into the area. Also, adding a small rug under the glass dining table can make your dining space look like a well-thought space. If you have a window nearby the space, natural light can make the dining space look spacious.
  1. Get creative with seating- if you have a small space, instead of a traditional/formal layout, go for an arrangement that works for your space. There is no point in fitting up a traditional rectangular dinner table in an awkward corner where no one feels comfortable eating. You can get creative with seating. Instead of chairs, you can use benches if the space allows. You can even use built-in benches tucked in the corner. You can also use storage in the benches for cutlery, dinner sets, crockery, table linens, etc. Just think out of the box, and you will find out ways that work best for your space.
  1. Keep it light: Small spaces usually feel dark, so while dealing with a tiny dining room/corner, always keep things light. May it be the furniture pieces/art pieces/ light fixtures, curtains, or colors, using lighter shades, linen or items will make your space look spacious. An airy table featuring a simple design and metal legs will surely look graceful in your small room than a large table with heavy legs. With just a cosmetic makeover, you can create a visually spacious and appealing space. Installing ceiling/wall decor such as mirrors/chandeliers that will reflect light in and around the room can add warmth and breadth to the space.
  2. Consider Proportions: While designing any space, the relationship in size between all the objects matters a lot. Simply put, look for the objects that go well with the size of your room/corner. Do not overcrowd or stuff the space. Only a few selected pieces of appropriate size will surely add charm to the place.
  3. Give a dining area its own domain – If you’re planning to squeeze a dining space into a subsection of a living room or kitchen, then it can be a little tricky to incorporate both a dining table and enough space to move around. You can get creative and add a glass divider if the space allows creating an individual space. Using crystal clear glass can transfer natural light and make it look spacious. Another creative way is to use a platform/raise the dining room floor. Using light-colored, elevated marble platforms that will complement the theme of your décor can help create a continuous cube effect while marking the presence of a separate dining space. Suppose it is not possible to go for a platform or raise dining room floor due to room height. In that case, you can think about defining ceiling treatment/ or differentiating wall colors/using patterned walls to differentiate the space. This kind of style will help draw extra attention to the area. The addition of light fixtures can bring more room to the space.
  1. Using multifunctional dining designs: If you have limitations for space, then go for multifunctional dining table designs. Make your dining table work double-duty. You can make your dining table work as a media shelf or use your workspace for your dining area when needed. Extended table tops can work best for small spaces.
  1. Visual tricks to maximize the space- Visual tricks can make your tiny space comfortable and spacious. A smart selection of flooring design, wall patterns, and furniture items can play a key role here. Using checkered/lines with pattern floor design brings attention to the edges of a room. This can help create a feeling of spaciousness. Selecting dining chairs with curved backs can help reduce the effect of the sharpness, making it look broad. Also, the effective use of light colors, especially white color, help maximize the space.
  2. Make it a focal point- Instead of hesitating for a small dining space, make it the center of attention. Your entire décor will benefit from having a dining area design feature that catches the attention. Adding a beautiful compact floral display or a delicate accessory or wall art that brings life to the space can help dress the dining area elegantly.

In short, there are numerous clever design tricks to transform a small dining room into a spacious spot. Explore some décor websites that have the latest furniture options, and you will find ways to create the illusion of more space. Declutter and use furniture items, accessories, light fixtures, and curtains smartly. This will surely help make your dining area roomy and more inviting.

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