Some Good Teams and a few Awful Teams In History Records

What are the Major League teams in history won and loss records? Not from this past year, but from the moment they began fielding a group in the major league level? Following the Yankees which teams possess the greatest in history winning percentages?

Since the first day there has been some teams with great records.

There are also some pretty awful teams. A few of these streaks are very ghastly. You might not believe how bad a few of these ball clubs happen to be.

The data which are incorporated in the following paragraphs are up to the 2005 season.

From 1919 to 1964 The Brand New You are able to Yankees were built with a winning season each year except 1925. Their two best years were 1939 of DiMaggio and Dickey once they were 106-45, a 702 winning percentage. Better still, the Yankees of 1927 were built with a 714 winning percentage. Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig had something related to that. The Yankees have scored 79,003 runs since they’ve been a significant league team. They’ve surrendered 68,192 runs.

The greatest in history winning percentages teams. The Yankees are first at 567% adopted through the Giants at 540% The Dodgers at 524%. Then there’s the Cardinals at 517 adopted through the Red Sox at 515% and also the Cubs at 514%. Yes The Cubs is accurate.

The cheapest winning percentages would be the Demon Sun rays at 401 % adopted through the Padres at 459 % and also the Phillies in a 468 winning percentage.

While searching at futility from 1930 to 1943 the St Louis Browns had a slump. They’d a losing record each year but for the 14 years carried out with 715 wins and 1325 losses ( 350 winning percentage ). Their high water or must i say low water mark of 111 losses arrived 1939. In 1946 they began losing again. From and including 1946 through 1956 these were 645 – 1048 for any 380 winning percentage.

The Phillies their very own sad story. From 1918 to 1931 they’d a 786 – 1310 record. Each year would be a losing one. In 1932 they’d a fantastic record only to go back to losing again in 1933. This ongoing to 1948. During this period they’d an 888 – 1555 record. A 363 winning percentage. So from 1918 to 1948 they’d one winning season. Should have been tough as being a Phillie’s fan in those days.

The A’s of Philadelphia won 736 games from 1934 to 1946. Additionally they lost 1245 games. These 13 years created a fantastic number of 372. The town of Brotherly Love should have had some real dog times of summer time with their baseball teams losing a lot.

By comparison the Brooklyn Dodger won 1125 games and lost 656 from 1946 to 1956. In this 11 year period they finished 1st or 2nd each year except one once they wound up in third place. Their six pennants and something World Series typified their 631 winning percentage in this time period.

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