What Do You Know About Slate Roofs?

Many people often overlook how important their roofs are. The roof keeps the structure of the house together. It also keeps the occupants of the house comfortable by assisting the insulation and ventilation systems. In addition to this, the roof also keeps the occupants safe from inclement or even harmful weather. Without a roof, most buildings aren’t even considered suitable. With that being said, the next thing that many people think about when it comes to roofs is the material of the roof. The roof’s material can make a significant difference in the capabilities of the roof. Out of the numerous different types of roofing materials, there is one roofing material that has rapidly been gaining popularity over the years: slate. In fact, slate roofing is popular enough that there are even multiple different styles of slate roofing, each with their own benefits over another style.

What Kinds of Roofing Styles Are There?

When you first begin to look at your options for a slate roof in Sydney, you might be surprised to learn that there are several different styles of slate roofing. Each one of these styles has its own origin and history, as well as benefits over another style. For example, one style of slate roofing is the Welsh slate roofing. This style of roofing, as the name might suggest, originates from Wales. This specific style even uses slate from Wales, known as Penrhyn and Cwt-y-Bugail slate. The benefits of using this type of slate can include its incredible durability and longevity. In fact, this type of roofing is capable of easily lasting over 100 years. Its density makes it extremely energy efficient, as well.

Another type of slate roofing is Spanish slate. As you might be able to imagine, Spanish slate originates from the mountains of Spain. Spanish slate is also known for being beautiful and increasing the property value of your home as long as the slate is being taken care of properly. Other types of slate roofing include Canadian slate and composite slate. Canadian slate is extremely durable and energy efficient, as well. Composite slate has many of the benefits of slate, and it might be more affordable than authentic slate.

Why Get Slate?

Some people might be wondering why slate is as popular as it is, despite its high value. Slate itself is an extremely dense material, making it extremely energy efficient. It will keep the cool air in and let the hot air out. Slate is also incredibly durable. If taken care of properly, slate can easily last a lifetime or more. Thankfully, slate is also easy to take care of. Due to its natural properties as a type of rock, it has an innate resistance to weathering and water damage, as well as being non-combustible. As many people know, the natural colour of slate itself makes it a beautiful roofing material. Having a roof made out of slate can easily increase both your property value and kerb appeal. This will often make the investment well worth it in the end. When you have your new slate roofing installed by a professional roofer, you can rest assured that your gorgeous roofing will last for a lifetime,

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