When Should I Switch to Heavy Duty Casters?

You might have a dolly, cart, or other type transport device that can handle the heavy weight you need to be moved, but the casters beneath might be feeling the strain. Switching to a more durable, appropriate designed castor can make moving heavy items easier and safer.

Dollies, Carts, and Industrial Transport Equipment

One thing that many businesses have in common is the need to move heavy objects from one point to another. Dollies and carts are a common sight at many commercial locations, but industrial areas can have other types of transport devices that are designed to move tons of weight at one time.

Poly, Nylon, Iron, and Steel Wheels

Heavy duty casters come in a variety of material choices for wheels. The poly and nylon wheels are considered rugged and durable and are best to use in areas that you don’t want to risk accidental sparking. Iron and steel casters are perfect for terrain that is tougher on plastic products.

Swivel and Rigid Casters

You can move a surprising amount of weight with ease and get it into tough-to-maneuver areas with swivel casters. Swivel casters respond well to directional change and will help you accurately guide the items to their safe destination.

Temperature Endurance Casters and Wheels

The need for moving a heavy object in cold and hot environments call for using casters that are designed to withstand extreme temperatures. You can choose from casters that can tolerate temperatures from negative 22 degrees all the way up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s the perfect solution for frozen food processing centers, steel mills and more.

Extreme Weight Supportive Casters

Manufacturing and industrial organizations often deal with weights that are easily in the one, two, or several ton-range. You can switch to heavy duty casters that are designed to handle weights of 250-pounds all the way up to 23,000-pounds.

The casters on your transport equipment are an important part of being able to move items without too many hassles. Check out the varieties available and make the switch to casters designed to handle the job easily.

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