Electrical works, whether a new electrical installation or repair, can be complicated, so attempting one by yourself is never recommended. If anything, you should promptly hire a professional electrician if you have an electrical problem on your property. Hiring a quack can do you more harm than good, and it can be very costly in the long run. You should do your due diligence beforehand and avoid the following costly mistakes.

Not checking the license.

One of the costly mistakes many property owners make when hiring an electrician is not checking the license when hiring an electrician. An electrician’s license gives you peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with a qualified professional with the right skills required in the electrical field. You should also ensure that their insurance paperwork is in order because it covers any financial damage in case of accidents during the work. Always work with a licensed and insured Auckland electrician.

Not checking their experience.

In an ideal world, every electrician you come across has experienced performing different electrical works. Unfortunately, that is not the case, so you must review the electrician’s experience before hiring them. One of the ways to know you are dealing with a well-seasoned electrician is if they have been in practice for many years- at least 5years.

Not contacting references

Also, you can ask references about their experience working with the electrician. Did they resolve the problem? Did the electrician explain the root cause of the problem and the solution? Were they knowledgeable and fast in solving the problem? These questions can help you know if the prospective electrician is knowledgeable and experienced or not.

Not reviewing the electrician’s portfolio.

You should first discuss the scope of your work with the electrician before hiring them to know whether they have the expertise to do it. Some people assume that it is rude to ask for someone’s portfolio before hiring them. No, it is not, and you don’t have to take their word for it. Reviewing an electrician’s portfolio or previous projects enables you to make an informed hiring decision avoid hiring an electrician who cannot perform the work to your standards.

Failure to review their reputation

Consider the electrician’s reputation before hiring them. You can go through their reviews online, and it is also an excellent way to find out their experience. Find out what others say about the electrician and their experience working with them. You should hire an electrician who is professional, timely and has good communication skills. Also, check how they handle customer complaints.

Failure to ask for detailed cost breakdown in writing

Many people have regretted hiring some electricians because they ended up paying extra costs than they initially agreed. You should ask for a breakdown of the cost in writing to know what you are paying for. A professional plumber can anticipate any other expenses and inform you beforehand. Most importantly, agree on the fees in writing ahead to avoid surprises.

The bottom line

Hiring the wrong electrician can cost you a lot. Always check the license, experience, reputation, and ask questions to ensure you hire a qualified electrician.

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