A Guide to Painting the Interior of your Home

If your home is looking a little drab and you would like to carry out some interior decorating, this article was written with you in mind. Of course, the very first thing to do is to decide on the scope of the project, which might be a single room, or having the entire house redecorated, and once you have decided on which rooms are to be decorated, you can begin to think about styles and colours.

Calculating a Budget

If you look at the cost to paint a house in Bristol, you will see that it isn’t as costly as one might think, and if you tell the decorator your budget, they would do their best to work within that figure. When looking at painting & decorating contractors, price should not be the main concern, rather you should be looking for quality work using quality products.

Essential Preparation

Prior to carrying out any decorating, the following need to be done:

  • Filling and rubbing down major surfaces.
  • Removing existing wallpaper.
  • Preparing timber surfaces like skirting and architrave.

This is absolutely essential if you want a first-class finish and this is something the professional decorator would excel at.

One Room at a Time

This is the professional way to decorate, as it minimises waste and makes it much easier to keep everything clean. Once a room is finished, the decorator would open the windows slightly and close the door, and when quoting, he may prefer to quote by the room, rather than giving you a price for the entire project.











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