Why Regular Servicing is Essential for your Car

The modern car is an engineering masterpiece, with around 30,000 separate components, and like any complex machine, your car needs regular maintenance if it is to run at optimum levels. Here are just a few reasons why you should follow the manufacturer’s advice regarding service intervals.

  1. Warranty Conditions – The warranty on your car is subject to regular servicing, and if you fail to adhere to the service schedule and something serious were to go wrong, the manufacturer would not honour the warranty, as conditions were not met. If a fault does develop, you can rely on a local car repair garage in Colney Heath to diagnose and repair the issue.
  2. Save on Fuel Consumption – Any car that is not serviced on a regular basis will not run correctly, and will more than likely use more fuel than it should. Part of the service involves calibrating the carburation, and this ensures optimum performance with minimal fuel use.
  1. Avoid Costly Engine Repairs – The engine oil protects the moving parts of the engine, and after a while, the engine oil loses a lot of its properties, and must be changed at specific mileage intervals (5-8,000 miles) in order to provide complete engine protection.

Retain Maximum Value – Any car that is regularly serviced would sell for a higher price than one that does not have a full service history. The service history is recorded in the rear section of the owner’s manual, which is something every potential buyer would wish to see.

If you want a reliable car that will perform every time you start the engine, it must be serviced at intervals that are specified by the manufacturer, plus the service must be carried out by approved mechanics.

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