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6 pointers to buy the right LED bulb

LED bulbs save electricity, are environment friendly and are a futuristic lighting option. We all know this in addition to the fact that they are expensive compared to traditional fluorescents and incandescent bulbs. So, when we decide on lighting up our live with LED’s it is important to check and get the right ones. Over and above the investment, replacement many also cost a ton. Let us look at some considerations while choosing the right LED bulbs.

  • Luminous Flux:

Lumen rating on the LED bulbs is a representation of the brightness of light it can produce. Previously, in incandescent bulbs, this was used in terms of watts, which actually is the unit of power. The more the lumens, the brighter the light. Choose as per the room size and requirement.

LED bulb Luminous Flux

  • LED Driver:

Most LED bulbs today come with an integrated power driver. Do not buy one without it. The driver regulates the power input to the LED so that it operates optimally without emitting heat. So check if the LED bulb comes with a power driver, in case you come across any cheap LED bulbs.

home LED Driver Bulbs

  • Colour Temperatures:

LED lighting and bulbs that come with a colour temperature of 2700K or less are considered warm lights while those with 6500K and above are considered the cool white lights. Using 2700K or below rated LED bulbs in bedrooms and living rooms, can usher in a warm and comfortable feeling. Using 6500K and above rated bulbs in study rooms and kitchens is recommended since they are bright and clear lights suitable to use.

Colour Temperatures

  • Shape of the bulb:

The shape of an LED bulb decides the angles and spread of light emitted. So, with so many varieties and shapes in the market, research carefully and decide which shapes you need before make a buying decision. Normally, this would depend on the application, room and use that you need the bulb for.

LED Bulbs Shape

  • Colour Rendering Index:

The colour rendering index (CRI) of an LED bulb is a very important factor. It corresponds to the colour of an object when it is illuminated by the light that falls on it. Depicted as CRI, this ranges between 0 and 100. Recommendation is to buy LED bulbs that come with a CRI above 80, since they will render the correct and real colour of the objects in your house or office.

LED bulb

  • Quality:

Quality is always the key in any buying decision. LED bulbs are manufactured by many reputed companies with comparable prices. They are expensive, come with great quality and longevity and as all of us know, they will pay for themselves over time.

home LED Bulbs Quality

Please keep the above pointers in mind while buying LED bulbs or lighting systems for your home or office. Once you buy the right bulbs, the entire lighting and look of your living space will change for the better and you will be paying smaller power bill from now on.

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