Signs that it might be time to re-roof your home

Waiting until the roof literally caves in is one of the worst things a homeowner can do. Not only does this force the occupants out of the home for weeks or even months while the roof is being repaired, but the cost of the expedited service is also a great deal more. And whilestaying in a hotel or with family for a week or so might be okay,this too takes a toll after the initial welcoming period wears off.

The best way to avoid this worst-case scenario is to examine the roof and see if there are any notable signs of damage. If these appear, it’s best to consult with an expert to see if roof repairs or re-roofing is needed. Here a few issues to look for when examining the roof. And remember, if roof damage appears to be severe, call an expert immediately to check it out.

Water leakage

Water should never be coming in through the roof and into the house. If it is, that means there is a leak somewhere that must be fixed. And if multiple leaks are found, it could be signs of larger issues that could require re-roofing. Be sure to note where the leaks are coming from so it is easier for a roofing inspector to examine these areas first.

Poor visual appearance

While a perfect looking roof does not guarantee that it is in good health, if roof shingles are falling off, loose or appear to be in general disrepair, there’s a good chance re-roofing is required. Even if the damage is only cosmetic, it is important to fix these issues quickly to avoid long-term damage.

Light coming through the cracks

Be sure to head up to the attic every once in a while to see if light is penetrating through the roofboards. This light is a bad sign since it means water also has an entrance into the home.

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Black sand in the gutters

It can be difficult to see if shingles are worn. One way to find this out is to check the gutters. If a black, sand-like substance is found in the gutters this is an indication that the roof shingles are worn and in need of replacement. Failing to address this issue could lead to water leakage or other issues.

Other considerations

One factor that tends to be overlooked is age. The lifecycle of a roof is roughly 30 years. If a roof is coming up to the end of its lifecycle, or its age is unknown, it’s best to have a roofing specialist come take a look at it. Be sure to also check the roof deck for any sagging. This is another sign that it might be time to re-roof.

Most homeowners are understandably concerned about the cost and inconvenience of re-roofing. However, most contractors are now able to complete re-roofing jobs in under a week depending on the size of roof. As for the cost, re-roofing today is much cheaper than allowing for damage to build to the point that a major renovation is necessary.

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