Modernising Your Home With LED Bulbs

Once more I’m looking at ways to update the house for a reasonable amount of money. It’s getting close to spring and thoughts always turn to decorating and maybe doing some improvements to the outside of the property. But it’s actually still pretty cold outside, too cold for my liking at any rate, so my thoughts are very firmly on the inside of the house.

Home With LED Bulbs

The evenings are starting to get lighter but it still gets dark before teatime and that got me thinking about lighting. Most of our light fittings are actually still pretty good but some of them have halogen bulbs in them and as we all know they are not only expensive to run but also a bit out of fashion now. LED bulbs are what everyone is going for now so I am replacing the existing bulbs with modern LED replacements.

modern LED replacements

The GU10’s are a great way to start with LED bulbs as the halogens run a huge 50 watts each. I have two fittings which take four bulbs each so that’s a huge two hundred watts of electricity being used to light each of those, and I have another which takes three bulbs so that’s another hundred and fifty watts. LED GU10 reflector bulbs only use five watts of electricity so replacing those saves a massive ninety percent of power used. To be honest the LED bulbs are more expensive than the halogens but they have very long lifespans, up to thirty thousand hours which is around ten times the life of a halogen bulb, and so will more than pay for themselves in the long run.

pay for themselves

Rather than go to a local superstore why not go to a trade supplier such as Edwardes Bros who can offer great prices and fast delivery backed up by decades of experience and friendly advice if you need it.

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