Style Your Small Living Room with a Glass-Top Coffee Table

Small living rooms are difficult to design. The constraint of space makes it very difficult to fit all the essentials. Even if you manage to fit everything, the interior design can appear very small and cluttered. This is why you will have to be smart with your choices. For instance, adding a coffee table in a small living room design might make the space feel congested. However, it is an essential part of the living room design and cannot be ignored. Hence, you can consider getting a glass-top coffee table for the living room instead of a regular coffee table. Since you will be able to see through the glass, the view will stay uninterrupted. As a result, the interior space will appear larger.

Pay some attention to buying your glass-top coffee table. Besides adding functionality to the space, they add style and aesthetic beauty to the space. The right glass-top coffee table can easily become the centre of attention in your living room as well. Decorating it will further add to the appeal of the coffee table. If you are not sure about how to style your glass-top coffee table in your small living room, here are a few ideas that will help you:

01 of 05 Make it the centrepiece

If you have a small living room design, try to stick to simple interior designs. Simple interior designs will make the area appear more spacious. A glass coffee table can do wonders for a simple living room design. You can make it the centrepiece of the room. Look for a beautiful glass-top coffee table that complements the look of the living room design. However, do not place it as a standalone. You must decorate it as well. Placing a few small decor items like a vase or showpiece on the coffee table is sufficient. You do not have to look for elaborate options.

Consider adding decor items that feature beautiful colours. Since glass is a reflective surface, the colours will reflect in the glass and get accentuated.

02 of 05 Go for an all-glass table

When choosing a glass coffee table, do not stop at just a glass top. Instead, you should consider choosing an all-glass coffee table. Besides a glass table top, these feature a glass base as well. Experts say they are perfect for very small living room designs. This is because the complete glass body allows people to see through it completely. Hence, the table creates the illusion of a larger space. Also, they have a sleek appearance and are great for modern spaces.

Glass has a simple yet very stylish appearance. A complete glass table adds elegance and sophistication to your living room design. Do not forget to place a few beautiful colourful decor items on it to elevate its aesthetic appeal.

03 of 05 Glass-top with wood-base coffee table

The glass-on-glass combination is great for maximising the spaciousness of the living room design. However, there are other combinations you can choose as well for decorating your living room. For instance, the glass-top wood-base coffee table is great for living room interiors. You can add more style and appeal to the space with this coffee table. Both materials complement each other and more personality to the overall appearance. Glass-top coffee tables featuring a well-detailed wood base can add a luxe feel to the space.

04 of 05 Glass coffee tables with a slim base

As mentioned earlier, wood can be a great option for your glass-table base. However, the material can be overpowering in some cases. As a result, the elements of glass can get undermined. If you want the glass table top to be the centre of focus, you should stick to coffee tables featuring slim legs. Hence, they will not attract too much attention and ensure that the glass top stays the highlight of the furniture piece. Further, slim legs will occupy less space and make the room appear bigger. Also, the slim legs add more style and elegance to the coffee table.

05 of 05 Glass top and wicker base

In a small living room design, you can consider choosing wicker. They are very popular in modern spaces because homeowners prefer adding natural elements to their home interiors in modern days. You can give a rustic feel to the space as well. It’s simple and light appearance makes it a great option for small living rooms. However, it appears slightly boring. This is why experts recommend adding a glass top. It breaks the monotonous look and adds more style to the furniture piece.

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