Modern Kitchen Design Ideas and Latest Trends for 2022

Kitchen designs are constantly evolving. More and more kitchen trends are coming out every year. Since people were mainly staying in their homes in the last two years, kitchen designs were focused on functionality and creating a space where you can relax, work, and oversee your kids in the other room. However, the pandemic face has ended and new kitchen trends are emerging. These trends are focused more on creating a soothing and comfortable ambiance. From the colours to the materials, every detail is very carefully chosen in a modular kitchen design. If you are planning to revamp your kitchen design, here are a few key modern kitchen design trends for 2022 you can consider:

01 of 06 A combination of modern and traditional elements

Although it may sound odd as recent trends feature contemporary elements but kitchen trends in 2022 will feature vintage elements according to experts. You can expect to see lots of vintage elements in the kitchen from classic cabinets and French windows to antique tapware. You can expect vintage furniture pieces as well. They can give the space a grand and sumptuous appeal. However, this does not mean people are willing to give up on the comforts provided by modern elements. Hence, modern elements like smart organisation racks, drawers, and shutters will be a part of the modular kitchen design as well. This means the kitchen trends for 2022 will feature a combination of modern and vintage elements.

02 of 06 Natural-looking elements will dominate the kitchen flooring in 2022

The flooring has always been a significant part of a room. Hence, your open kitchen floor is important too. Experts believe that natural-looking elements will dominate this year. The top two picks for creating a warm and natural design are wooden finish floors and natural stone floors. People are switching to natural elements more and more as they are getting conscious of the environment. Hardwood flooring has received immense popularity because of its elegant look and feel. However, it can be quite expensive as well and is not a great idea for people looking for affordable options. If you do not have the budget, you can opt for wooden wallpaper instead.

03 of 06 Cabinets in the kitchen will be colourful in 2022

Storage is very essential in the kitchen. This is why cabinets are installed in the kitchen. However, people only used cabinets for storage purposes and designing. Hence, they appeared quite dull and boring. However, modern kitchen designs have changed significantly and boring is not a part of them anymore. In 2022, you can expect to see a lot more colourful cabinets. They will make the space more vibrant. If you want to be specific about the colour as well, consider choosing the Pantone colour. Experts believe this to be the colour of the year 2022 for the kitchen. Muted green is another popular option you can consider for your cabinets.

04 of 06 2022 kitchen trends will feature personalised appliance units

Irrespective of how the open kitchen appears, all modern trends will be focused on making cooking a more convenient experience for you. Since more and more kitchen appliances are being introduced to facilitate cooking, you can expect lots of kitchen appliances in the kitchen in 2022. With these appliances come appliance units and garages for fitting them to your kitchen decor. Many personalised appliance units can be installed so that the appliances can be fitted into your kitchen design seamlessly. Hence, a very popular trend in 2022 will be opting for personalised appliance units.

05 of 06 Tiered kitchen islands are witnessing a rise in popularity

Modern kitchens are quite small and sufficient space is not available for performing all the tasks. People can always benefit from some extra countertop space. Kitchen islands have witnessed a huge rise in popularity because they are offering the much-needed countertop space in modular kitchen designs. If you have the necessary space to fit in a tiered kitchen island, you should definitely install one in yours. Tiered kitchen islands are more popular because they offer you an additional prep area and some extra space to serve meals to your family or guests. Hence, you can make your kitchen decor more functional by installing a tiered kitchen island.

06 of 06 Indoor plants are the most popular decor elements

There are plenty of decor elements available in the market that can be used for decorating the kitchen interiors. However, modern trends are focusing more on natural elements for decorating the kitchen design. And, what can be better than plants to give the interiors a more natural feel. There are lots of indoor plants you can consider for the space. However, make sure you buy small and compact pieces. Also, consider choosing plants that require very little maintenance if you do not want to spend a lot of time looking after them.

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