5 Quick Fix Ideas To Amp Up Your Apartment

Every living space needs some quick tweaks to give it a fresh appeal and reignite the zest of living in an apartment that people initially held when they first moved in that space.

The joy of coming home to a space that renders a personalized appeal and gives people the sense of ‘home’ after a hectic day at work is incomparable and must always stay preserved with scrupulous fixes and slight renovations.

One of the most notable factors contributing to the leisure people enjoy in their residence is designing them to express their personalities through lighting, colour, furniture, and other elements.

Quick Fix Ideas To Render a Fresh Appeal To an Apartment

Here are five quick-fix ideas that people can consider if they are looking to amp up their apartment and provide it with a modernized appeal without spending a fortune:

Get Creative With Walls

When it comes to customizing living spaces, walls typically are the first thing that comes to mind. It would only be so long that people would appreciate minimalist plain, neutral paint colours like off-white before they decide that it’s time to splatter colourful paints all over their dull wall.

Since painting is an inexpensive means to customize a room’s appearance, most people do not hesitate to go ahead with it. Besides, nobody needs to be Pablo Picasso to paint their home walls with a picturesque landscape.

Another approach that people can follow if they do not wish to stick with painting is to apply wallpapers.

LED Ceiling Lights

Using LED lights can act as a significant mood enhancer in a house. Besides filling up your apartment with sufficient luminosity, LED lights are decorative and provide overall vibrancy. The LED panel light yields higher brightness with omnidirectional uniform lighting.

Using false ceiling lights or LED batten can illuminate surroundings with a uniform frequency, which lights up the entire space without putting up other accompanying lights in every corner.

Choosing the right LED lights can baffle anyone because of the plethora of options in the market. You should go for brands like Crompton, which is a trusted brand for LED lights with options like Star Striko and Star Lord for ceiling lights.

There are many options such as LED panel light, LED batten, LED strip lights, false ceiling lights, and several forms of LED panel lights. All these options are for different settings, such as an in-home office, living room, or bedroom, and thus, people might need suggestions on which LED lights would best complement a particular space.

Brands such as Crompton have that covered and can advise people about where to use LED strip lights, LED batten, or LED panel light for different settings and spaces.

The installation of LED lights is extremely economical for the everyday customer, with prices falling between INR 90 to INR 3000, giving buyers a variety of choices to rejuvenate their spaces with different types of LED lights.

Tweak your Flooring Once in a While

Even the most charming patterns will look monotonous and dull with time. Therefore, here are some ways through which people can disguise a hideous or an old floor:

 Vinyl Plank Flooring

One can fake a hardwood floor with vinyl planks that hover right over existing flooring, making them fully removable with no hassle.

 Removable Vinyl Decals

With stick-on vinyl decals, all one needs to do is lay them right over their old flooring, and when they are ready to shift, they can peel them back up.


Throwing a rug is the simplest solution to cover a floor if one does not wish to put in an effort to change the flooring.

Customize Those Windows

Windows let in ambient light and take up considerable wall space. Since windows are such a prominent feature, the well-maintained ones can provide warm and luxurious sensations.

One of the simplest ways to customize your windows is to hang curtains. Curtains instantly transform a room to make it feel comfy, inviting, and cosy. Since there are plenty of designs to choose from, you never run out of customization options.

Another approach is to alter the intensity of light by covering your windows with stickers or wallpapers. This gesture can change the look of your room by letting you either make it lively and cheerful by letting in more light or private and cosy by dimming the ambient light.

Add Greater Function to Your Space

How efficiently a home functions is proportional to how much people enjoy their home. Here are some rental-friendly functional upgrades that you should consider:

Replacing the Kitchen Faucet

Consider replacing your builder-grade kitchen faucet with a sleeker one that renders greater functionality.

Bathroom Showerhead Swap Out

Swap out the showerhead for a more pleasant one and of a different size as per one’s requirements.

Replace Cabinet Knobs

Consider replacing the old knobs as they can have a dramatic impact in rendering a fresh look to the same old cabinets and drawers.

Final Words

When the feeling of monotonousness kicks in when one walks into their apartment every day, it is time to transform that space and give it a fresh look to rejuvenate the euphoria that one felt when they had first moved into that space.

This guide can help people choose between multiple ideas to renovate their place, all of which are quick fixes, implying that one does not have to go all out on construction and budget.

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