4 Signs of AC Damage You Should Look Out For After A Hurricane

Hurricane season is a nightmare for the homes which include our air conditioning systems as well. Many times the signs of AC unit damage are inevitable, like it doesn’t work at all. The other times, the signs are not that apparent and if not addressed quickly, it can cause a critical damage to your AC unit as the time goes by. If you are considering the AC repair, here are signs to look out for AC damage after a hurricane.

  1. Your AC isn’t cooling your room like it used to before

Is your home space a bit warmer than usual? Is the air flowing out from the AC vent isn’t that cold as it was before the hurricane? The chances are that there is a significant damage to your AC compressor or a leaking refrigerant line. The challenges with your refrigerant line can decrement the performance of your AC and can also skyrocket your energy bills. The refrigerant line is toxic to the environment as well. You should consider scheduling an air conditioning repair Phoenix as soon as possible. If the AC system loses all of its fluid, it is no good news for you.

  1. Your AC is making weird noises.

If there is any unusual rattling or the buzzing noise emitting from your AC, chances are the debris blown around in the hurricane could have been stuck in your outdoor AC unit. The internal components of your AC can also be damaged such as the fan or the compressor. Having debris lodged into your AC unit is dangerous, so ensure to consult a professional as soon as possible. If there is any screeching sound involved, it is recommended to shut the power down and schedule a repair right away. Chances are that a major pressure imbalance is inside the compressor or sometimes a serious coolant leak as well.

  1. Flooded AC Unit

The most inevitable sign of AC damage is the flooding. If your HVAC system was submerged in the floodwaters, it should be serviced by a professional. It is possible that your electrical components could have been damaged by the extended exposure. It is also considered a good practice to clean away your ducts to make sure that the mold and bacteria doesn’t grow inside the ducting system that helps in circulating the air in your entire home space.

  1. Proof of a power surge

This is a common sign during the hurricanes. If the lightning struck near your home or if you lost any electrical appliance such as a TV, computer etc. A power surge can also fry up your capacitor, emblazon your fuses and wires, and cause compressor damage. If your AC is not displaying the signs right in a jiffy, chances are, it can break down later in a severe condition. If you believe that you have faced a power surge, make sure you get your system inspected thoroughly. A check-up beforehand could help you save a fortune in major repair or replacement later.

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