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When To Buy Wholesale Christmas Lights

Whether you were trying to lift your neighbors’ spirits during the first pandemic holiday season or are now planning your first post-lockdown holiday light display, you might be considering buying wholesale Christmas lights.

Buy wholesale Christmas lights if you are planning a large or complex light installation on the outside of your home. LED Christmas lights are long-lasting and durable; however, you may need to replace damaged lights when retailers have run out of stock in the middle of the holiday season.

Learn what you should look for when buying wholesale Christmas lights as well as which LED lights are favored by professional Christmas light installers.

What Should I Consider When Buying Wholesale Christmas Lights?

You should consider the following factors when buying wholesale Christmas lights:

  • The size and complexity of your holiday light display
  • The location of your light installation
  • The duration of your holiday LED display.

The size and complexity of your holiday light display

If you are planning a simple indoor installation, try home bundles that contain the most popular and basic LED lights and accessories:

  • C7 or C9 LED bulbs and their appropriate E12 or E17 sockets
  • SPT-1 wiring
  • Universal gutter clips
  • Light stakes
  • Male and female plugs
  • 3-way connector plugs.

You can also easily combine three or more of these bundles to decorate a larger area, or if you require more intricate installations.

If you connect multiple strings of LED lights end-to-end, remember to stay well below the recommended current capacity to prevent overloading the electrical breakers.

The location of your light installation

For outdoor LED Christmas light installations, make sure to choose waterproof bulbs with an ingress protection (IP) rating of X4 or higher. A high IP rating mean that the LED bulbs will work safely outdoor, even if it rains or snows.

To decorate pathways and shrubbery, it is essential that you use water-resistant wiring and cabling and keep the LED bulbs off the ground with durable light stakes.

The duration of your holiday LED display

If you plan to keep your LED lights display on for hours on end throughout the holiday season, make sure you have enough replacement bulbs, sockets, and plugs on hand. While LED lights do last almost 30 times longer than incandescent lights, they can also burn out or become damaged.

Even though LED lightbulbs are cool to the touch, they are just as prone to fire hazards as incandescent lights at the connection points and wall sockets. Never leave the lights on unattended.

What LED Lights Do Professional Christmas Light Installers Use?

Professional Christmas light installers use commercial grade LED lights, wiring, and accessories to ensure their handiwork is up to local safety code and last for the duration of the holiday season.

Commercial LED lights have the following characteristics:

  • High IP ratings
  • Waterproof fused bulb-and-socket construction
  • Tested color-matched bulbs
  • Customizable wiring and water-resistant cabling.

Final Thoughts

Buying commercial grade LED lighting does come at a higher upfront cost, especially when you choose to go the wholesale route. However, this option will save you money and time in the long run.

Sometimes, you just need to go big or go home, and the holiday season is one such time. You may not yet be skilled enough to undertake a project of The Hook Up’s magnitude.

However, the likes of christmas light wholesaler Certified Lights offer over a hundred LED lights, accessories, and installation kits. Certified Lights’ team of experts have 15 years of experience installing and repairing holiday LED lights displays.

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