What is a Water Fed Pole? (Plus Window Cleaning Tips)

Having a do-it-yourself mentality can often be a big part of owning a home. When it comes to window cleaning, many homeowners retain such a mindset and often set out to keep their windows sparkling clean all by themselves.

However, while a rag and some generic cleaning solution may work for the average living room window, they often pale in comparison to professional window cleaning tools when it comes to high windows or windows with significant dirt build-up. In such cases, a water fed pole may be more ideal for achieving a spotless shine on your windows. In this post, we take a look at what exactly a water fed pole is and how to properly use one.

What is a Water Fed Pole?

A water fed pole is a piece of specialised window cleaning equipment that can help you reach high windows and clean them effectively. It typically comprises a long, extendable pole with a cleaning attachment at one end. Depending on the design of your pole, this cleaning attachment may be adjustable, meaning that you may be able to switch between a squeegee, a duster, or any other cleaning tool depending on your needs.

Additionally, a water fed pole also differs from a typical extendable cleaning pole because it will have a water fed system. A water fed pole is typically connected to a water supply in the form of a portable water tank or main water outlet with a pump. This enables water to travel from the source, along the length of the pole, all the way to the other end of the pole. When cleaning high windows, a water fed pole enables you to easily apply water or cleaning solution directly to the window without the need for a ladder.

Tips for Cleaning High Windows with Water Fed Poles

When cleaning high windows with a water fed pole, here are some tips that can help you achieve a better end result:

  • Using a specialised window cleaning detergent can help you effectively get all the dirt and grime off your windows.
  • Avoid overly sunny or rainy weather when cleaning your windows, in order to give yourself ample time to scrub and clean your windows before the water or cleaning solutions dry up.
  • Ensure that you clean regularly to avoid too must dirt from building up and making it harder to remove.
  • Clean around your windows as well, including the frames and sills to avoid mould and mildew from growing.

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