Troubleshooting your Coffee Machine

If your coffee maker suddenly lets you down here are a few things you can do to get it working again.

Clean it

Often with coffee makers, the problem is a build up of chemicals or limescale. If you remove that, your coffee machine will often be as good as new.

Cleaning a coffee machine is not hard to do. Often you will find instructions about how to do this in your manual. If they are there, it is best to follow those instructions.

However, not all manufacturers include them. In that case, you should fill your machine with a mix of white vinegar and water and run your machine as normal. If your machine is badly blocked you may need to do this more than once. The vinegar will help to breakdown the scale and clear it through the machine.

Coffee Machine

When the scale has been cleared, your machine should once again heat the water as normal. It will also produce more steam again. Often, after cleaning, a coffee maker will work even better than it did before.

Just remember to run a pot of fresh water through the machine two or three times. This will remove any residue scale and take away the taste and smell of the vinegar.

Coffee Machine

Other repairs

If that does not work, it could mean that a part needs replacing. Unless you know what you are doing you should not attempt a repair. You only have to make a bad connection to cause a short, which could burn your machine out completely. It is just not worth taking the risk. A much better approach is to get a professional to repair your machine.

It is now possible to get a coffee machine repaired almost regardless of where you live. In many countries, firms of repairers have set up postal repair services.

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