Stay Safer with a Stainless Steel Security Door

You can upgrade your home’s security with alarms and other top-level electronics. However, your first line of defence should be your doors and windows. A home that features an almost impenetrable security screen will keep thieves from entering a property.

Make it Difficult for Thieves to Access Your Home or Business

Thieves do not like to make it difficult on themselves when they access a home or business when it is closed. They want to make sure that they can get inside or outside the building quickly. If they find that a door or window is too hard to get through, they often move on to another property.

For example, Federation-style Mandurah security doors are a great example of theft prevention. A criminal does not want to burgle a property when these doors are in place. These doors combine strength and safety by adding a 316 marine-grade stainless steel mesh to aluminium cast panels. In turn the door is hard to get into but adds to a home’s appearance.

When Federation cast panels are used, they prove to be non-rusting and sturdy. They are featured in a full range of powder-coated hues and are backed by a 24-month powder coating guarantee. You can also upgrade a door using security screening systems. Whether you add an aluminium or stainless steel mesh, you will feel safer in your home.

No Need to Use Hardware

When security screening is added, no hardware is needed. Instead, security can be achieved by using a patented pressure retention and isolation method to install the screen. In turn, no mechanical fixings or screws are needed to secure the metal mesh into a door’s perimeter frame. Screw-clamped systems can increase the chance of corrosion and therefore create a door of a lesser value overall.

You can use stainless steel or aluminium screens on one of various home and commercial applications. For example, doors with hinges can be secured as well as sliding doors, patio enclosures, emergency escape systems, and a variety of window designs. You can also use security screening for a pool’s fencing.

How About Flyscreens?

When reviewing this type of security door product, check out any special offers when you go online. You should also check out flyscreens offered by a full-service company as well. As you know, flies can be a big problem in the warmer months, especially if you live near a pond or in a remote location. Not only do flyscreens increase natural ventilation but they reduce your energy use.

If you need security screening as well as flyscreens, choose a company that offers both products. That way, you only need to go to one source to keep your home protected from both human pests and insects. You can obtain a no-obligation quote online for security doors, screens, and flyscreens.



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