Rustic – The element of style

Remember the saying that everything comes full circle! Yes it does when I see people’s love for the rustic. What we try to gather today, in our contemporary homes, the love of the pastoral life. This is something that our pioneer ancestors would be happy at. What was the necessity is a style statement for us. They would not have imagined a life in plastered walls and carpets instead they would have crafted those rough logs and bare plank floors for requirement of the times. What most people love about the rustic decorating style are its modest roots and organic basics. The textures and the basic shapes and feeling of natural warmth, it gives amidst the hustle and bustle of the cities is undefinable.

It has a great connection to the past with an unstudied suggestion to different periods of the past.The bold and blatant real sense in these rustic small things gets you into that old zone. Create the look by using beams in order to frame ceilings, define doorways, cover fireplaces and line the walls. But a lot of overly customized pieces wash away the charm of the rustic style. So you can choose those objects that have slightly rough profiles like bread trough and baskets etc. Try to incorporate sleek, clean cabinetry and shelves allowing the rustic notes to arise.

Rustic style will always remain incomplete without a finish to convey a shiny newness. Yet look for something with a little age like a reclaimed wood that is hammered or distressed. But as said earlier a little shine makes it more appealing.

Think beyond browns for the rustic, there is more room for brighter colors. Colors like denim blue, rust red, gold yellow will be good if your place has a western vibe too. Largely rustic is about using the things that we had in the old days. Things like wire baskets can be turned into light fixtures and the wooden crates can be used stair treads.With rustic in mind, one is actually free to take risks. Create offbeat lightings or turn folk art into the things you wanted. Folk art beautifully goes with the looks of a rustic room.

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