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Preventing Expensive Repairs with Proper Drainage Systems

Even small amounts of water can be destructive over time, so you need to have a good drainage system for your home or business to prevent costly problems. When it rains, water needs to be correctly diverted so it doesn’t soak into the ground around the foundation of a building and cause structural issues that can cost thousands of pounds to fix. In addition, some businesses need to have grease traps to prevent clogging lines, which can cause messy water backups.

The Cost of Poor Drainage

A large percentage of home repair costs are directly related to poor drainage issues. Often the lawn isn’t sloped enough to allow water to drain properly, and this can cause water to pond on the lawn or in the garden. Uncontrolled water can cause damage to building materials, lead to the growth of mould, and cause soil erosion and pest infestations.

By having a good drainage system built, and with regular maintenance, these water problems can be prevented. While the local hardware or home improvement centre may have the supplies and parts you need to maintain your drainage system, you can also purchase drainage system supplies online at this website: https://www.drainagesuperstore.co.uk/They have supplies suitable for all types of drainage systems for both residential and commercial properties.

Poor Drainage

Drainage Neglect

Businesses that handle food are notorious for neglecting their grease traps. These traps are made to collect grease, food particles and other debris before it gets into your water drainage pipes. This often causes messy, smelly water backups in kitchen sinks and in floor drains. This is not only a health code violation, but having water on the floor can lead to employee injuries due to slip and falls in the kitchen.

It is important to properly maintain grease traps, to prevent clogs that can lead to expensive service calls to your local plumber. If your grease trap fills quickly due to poor cleaning choices by your employees or because of the amount of business your kitchen does, then you may need to replace it with a larger trap instead of spending money on frequent cleanings. However, it is also important to instruct employees to avoid dumping grease and food down the sink or floor drains, to keep grease from clogging your drainpipes.

Along with having the traps regularly cleaned, you can use fat dissolution products to help keep drain pipes clear of grease and food particles that can cause pipes to be completely blocked. This can help prevent smelly water backups and emergency visits from your plumber that can be costly to your business. Commercial grade fat dissolution liquids are available where most commercial drainage supplies are sold.

Whether is at your business or at home, you need to make sure you have proper water drainage for your property and that your drainage systems are properly maintained. This can help prevent many problems that can lead to expensive repairs. By purchasing the right products, you can make sure your drainage systems work as they should and prevent costly repairs.

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