Interior Design Tips For Managing A Heatwave

Many residents will have an assortment of tricks and tips for keeping a home warm during the winter period. However, few homes, especially across the UK, are as prepared for extremely warm temperatures, especially with heatwaves becoming more commonplace. Thankfully, there are just as many ways in which interior designs can be used to make a home comfortable even as the temperatures rise.

Embrace The Shade

Since many homes in the UK are without the luxury of air conditioning, residents must turn to other means when seeking to cool their home. One of the most straightforward ways a living space can begin to keep cool, even during the middle of the day, is to keep inside spaces shady.

Drawing the curtains is an ideal habit but not always practical during the day. As such, residents should consider other designs instead. Blinds can be positioned to illuminate a room without letting too much light into a living space, while sheer curtains can be a great and affordable option for diffusing the heat of direct sunlight.

Design For Airflow

The shape of a living space affects its airflow. A home with considered and effective airflow will ultimately feel cooler in the summer, especially when certain windows are opened. Consider keeping windows on opposite sides of a home open, those connected with larger rooms, to capture breezes and keep air circulating around a property.

Create A Cool Space

If your home is well-insulated, it can be difficult to find a space indoors that feels appropriately cool. In such circumstances, it can be worth creating a shelter or outbuilding in a garden area instead. Such designs, like log cabins, have become increasingly popular for their ability to be customised, giving homeowners a space to dine and relax outdoors as the temperatures rise. They also encourage a greater amount of time to be spent outdoors and in the sunshine, and can then be repurposed as a cosy shelter during the winter months.

Change Bedrooms

For homeowners with two bedrooms, it can be worth considering one as a summer option and then occupying the other during winter. This is because a great many features of a bedroom tend to be appropriate for different seasons. Mattresses, for example, can be thicker and more effective at absorbing heat, making them ideal for cold weather. Having an alternative summer bedroom, one with a lightweight, breathable mattress, and with greater shade from the sunlight, can be a more comfortable option for when the season changes.

Direct Your Fans

The sale of desktop fans rises during the summer as homeowners seek a quick fix to cool their home. While these can be effective solutions, they must be used correctly. Most often, and incorrectly, they are directed at furniture, such as sofas and chairs, so as to cool down residents. However, this does little to push the heat out of a room. Instead, they should be directed at open windows, so as to keep warm air out of a living space.

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