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Green and cost-effective energy is the new black of today’s era. All around the world extensive research is going on to come up with innovative and cost-effective solutions to the technology pertaining to human comfort, be it an air conditioner or a television or a washing machine. So, today’s aim of this blog post is to guide our readers about how to reduce aircon running costs by installing the latest model of Daikin air conditioner.

General methods for reducing AC running costs

There are a few general methods that is followed these days to reduce the running costs. They can be categorised as follows: –

  • Providing guidelines about setting the AC temperature not below than 8 degree Celsius below outdoor temperature during summer
  • Switching on fan mode to aid in effective circulation and provide comfortable temperatures at a reducable cost
  • Installing ACs of higher star rating to reduce the energy costs
  • Providing correct insulation in home to reduce the energy cost by reducing the need of any supporting cooling system
  • Ensuring good circulation of air by AC for optimum cooling at reduced costs
  • Replacing very old model with the recent model to reduce the energy bill drastically
  • Cleaning the AC filters from time to time so that they do not get damaged easily and increase the maintenance costs

About Daikin

Founded in 1924, Daikin currently serves as the largest manufacturer of air conditioning units. Its products have been proved to be assets for millions of users. Its extensive research for air conditioning refrigerants and technology has given it the brand value as it carries today. Daikin sells its products in more than 80 countries across the globe. As a result, it is also researching on appliances that aid in climate control over a wide range of temperature and humidity levels.

Reduce aircon running costs by Daikin

Installing a new Daikin air conditioner can reduce aircon running costs by many folds. Following are some of the reasons for this: –

  • Cutting edge performanceBeing the leading manufacturer, Daikin has improved the human comfort by many folds via its latest models fabricated after extensive research and trials. It provides energy-efficient, high quality and very good cooling effect to aid in uninterrupted human comfort for a long time. Its performance is inversely proportional to its running cost.
  • Comfortable installation Daikin Comfort Promise policy aids in professional installation and optimum efficiency. If you are unsatisfied with any kind of issue by your unit, then by this policy you can resolve the issue freely within one year without incurring any maintenance cost.
  • Approval by health boards Many reputed health boards have approved latest Daikin models for their safe refrigerant use that does not cause any derogatory health effect, as well as work up to maximum efficiency.
  • Revamped technology Advanced fan motor technology, best DC motor, standby power function and intelligent eye (AC switches off automatically after a room remains vacant for more than the pre-set time) are the revamped features that reduce aircon running costs.


Through this blog, we hope that our users get the requisite guidelines in selecting a cost-effective and efficient Daikin model to reduce their running costs.

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