Advice for the Novice Homemaker – Bring in the Outdoors

So, you are a first time homemaker and ready to start planning and decorating your new home. It must be an exciting time with a trillion ideas running through your head – color, light, furniture, accessories, fittings, furnishings – so many possibilities, so many options – what to choose?

Homemaker Outdoors

Key Pointers to a Comfortable Home

  • Plan your entire home before you start your purchases
  • Keep your design as simple as possible
  • Use all available space effectively
  • Don’t clutter the place with too many things
  • Stick to one theme or design – don’t mix and mess up

Design Your Dream Home – Your Way

Depending on the requirements of your family, you could plan your home. If it is a small family, more space could be used for living areas and open spaces. However, if you have a large family, you would have to think about planning bedrooms for all of them and skimp on smaller options like a study or a gym. Let the design reflect your personality.

Live Right – Leave Your Mark

Trending of late is the concept of a green eco-friendly house. Right at the design stage, incorporate planet friendly practices and devices – Rain water harvesting, garbage composting, natural light facilitators, etc. This will reduce your carbon footprint and make you less of a burden of this planet.

Amalgamate Your Indoors with the Outdoors

There is nothing more soothing to the eye and soul than an abundance of greenery at home. It gives one the feeling of being in a great open space and breathing in fresh air. However, in today’s world of diminishing personal spaces and increasing costs of owning or building a house, you have to make do with whatever little space is available to you and then make the best use of it. An excellent way of doing this, apart from having a whole load of indoor plants dotting your house, is to have folding patio doors which allow natural sunlight to pour into the house, whether the doors are open or closed. Once opened, these doors allow for an integration of the outdoor area with the interiors and it will seem as though the garden is an extension of your living room.

Conjure up Your Dream Home

Whatever the size or shape of your home is, you can transform it with the fixtures and furnishings you add on. For example when you are deciding on the patio doors and windows, you could choose from a variety of options such as texture, material, finish, and color. They are available in sliding and folding options and in standard as well as custom made sizes and shapes. This allows for the house to make best use of the light available as well as give the illusion of large spaces. You can make your home more dramatic by using textured or patterned glass windows and doors which give a unique look with every ray of light that passes through it. Coordinate your décor, theme, and furnishings so that there is no jarring clash of ideas.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and make your house a dream home.

Author Box : David Watson brings forth those ideas to you that essentially help you build your dream home. Adding more fine touches are the folding patio doors that let you enjoy a unique appearance and manage space too.

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