A Basic Guide to Home Maintenance

Owning a home comes with many responsibilities, especially with regards to maintenance, and of you have only just got your first foot onto the property ladder, here is a short guide to property maintenance.

  1. The Roof – The most important component of all, the roof protects your home against the harsh UK climate, and it requires regular inspections. The guttering should be cleaned out on a regular basis, otherwise a blockage will occur and that will send rainwater running down the exterior walls.
  2. Brickwork – The brickwork can easily become covered in moss, and with an affordable bricklayer in Edinburgh, brickwork repairs can be carried out when necessary. Repointing is often needed, as the harsh weather can erode the mortar joints.
  1. Damp –This is a very real risk, especially with older properties, and you should have the property assessed regarding damp penetration, as this can cause some serious damage. Damp proofing will ensure that your home is protected against damp that can creep up the walls, and every couple of years, you can ask your local builder to inspect the building, looking for tell-tale signs of damp.
  1. Timber Preservation – If the doors and windows gave timber frames, they need to be protected against the harsh climate, as does fencing, fascia and soffit boards on the roof, and anything that is made from wood.

It is always a good idea to have a local builder inspect the property on an annual basis, and should they find any issues, they can be promptly dealt with.

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