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5 Creative Ways to Redesign Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Redesigning it can add new life to your house, and if you’re smart about it, the process can be economical, too. From a coat of paint to some extra counter space, here are five creative ways you can redesign your kitchen. For more inspiration, visit langskitchens.com and check out the kitchen design gallery!

Add a Kitchen Island

What if you need more counter space, but don’t have space for that? Why not try adding a floating kitchen island to your kitchen? If you’re buying instead of making your own, look for the kind that has a butcher block top plus drawers and some heavy-duty wheels to allow you to move the island around as you need to. If you build one, think about painting the drawers the color of your cabinets and adding knobs that match your kitchen’s drawers.

Add a Kitchen Island

Hanging Pot Rack

The hanging pot rack is an easy fix to a space problem, and it just looks cool. You can buy these at home improvement stores. Just find the studs in the ceiling, add a few hooks, and hang. For a more rustic look, consider using an old barn door that you’ve outfitted with hooks or some piping material for a more industrial look.

A Good Coat of Paint

Although your kitchen cabinets are a major part of the “bones” of your kitchen space, you don’t necessarily need to replace them to give your kitchen a lift. According to This Old House, you can repaint and revamp the ones you have instead of replacing them. Just remove the cabinets, strip the old paint off, add some new paint and trim, and hang back up.

Speaking of Paint…

If you’re thinking about new paint, try adding some chalkboard paint to the door of your pantry or to the cabinets above the stove. These are great places to write recipes and notes to your family. It’s also a great place to write grocery lists. Just snap a picture on your way to the store.

Speaking of Paint

Stow Aways

Not all cabinets have to be cabinets. One cool and creative kitchen remodel makes your cabinets into something a little more. Put the cabinet face on the front of a draw with rollers. Add some canisters and drop in items like spatulas, wooden spoons, and whisks to get these items off your counter.

As you can see, you can redesign your kitchen without redoing the whole thing. These five redesign ideas are easy to implement and inexpensive. They only require a bit of creativity and a little time.

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