3 Bonus Strategies for Preparing for your Big Move

As a child, my family moved nine different times. Nine. They didn’t even have a good excuse; no military father, no switching schools because “the fit wasn’t right”, nothing. My parents were apparently just the hardest people to satisfy. So, if there is anything I’m certain of, it is of my ability as a professional relocator.

Most people get the basics down pretty well, so I’ll spare you those. However, I’ve accumulated some useful, slightly-unorthodox reminders over the years that could help make your moving process into something less stress-inducing and more… dare I say, fun.

1) Cut Back on Spending to Prepare for the Unexpected

 It is impossible to know if and what will go wrong during your move, but I assure you — something will. And that is okay, as long as you’re ready for it. Amidst all the stress of moving, it is easy to take shortcuts: you order more take-out, you splurge on clothes and new furniture to feel like your life consists of more than cardboard, and so on. But this can be a real hinderance down the line. Try your best to keep your head above water and look for ways to save some money for later. I’m especially fond of Groupon Coupons; it’s a great site with coupons for over 9,000 stores that help save money you’d already be spending. Perfect!

2) Label the Tape, Not the Boxes

 This is especially valid for people who are renting or plan on moving around more often. First of all, developing a sturdy system for labeling (like always labeling the tape on the front long side of the box) helps keep everything especially organized. But, for those people (like me) who reuse boxes to save some cash, you will be SO thankful when you need to relabel for later use. It also helps you consolidate when you’re in your new place; you can repack things you don’t need into different boxes to save space, then just remove the tape and remark it as necessary. We’re thinking long-term, people.

3) Please, Please, Have a Sense of Humor

Moving is so stressful. I hate it. It is never not stressful and it really, really sucks. Did I mention that it is stressful? Because it is. But try to focus on the fun and the good stuff rather than the negatives, or the process will drag on even more than it already does. Try playing some music while you’re packing, or turn it into a game with your kids. Take pictures of the things that didn’t make the move (or broke in the process) and make a little “In Memoriam” scrapbook to remember them by. And, more than anything, laugh often. It is amazing what a light heart can do in trying times, and the more you strive for it, the easier it will all get. I promise.

Just remember: you can do this. You’ve got this. And when it’s all over, you can sit back, relax, and hope so hard that you won’t find a reason to move again for a long while… or at least another week or two.

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