New Options for Air Purification in Winter Now

Winter is the period of the most severe drought in the apartment. The central heating batteries dry the air, and the dust and wool of the animals cause allergy in children and adults. Today we will tell you how to cope with these problems

They say that thanks to cleaners and air humidifiers you can forget about the night cough of children, dry and dusty air, allergies. Today we are dealing with this issue in detail.

What are air purifiers and humidifiers?

All these devices are divided according to their purpose. There are three types:

  • Air cleaners – able to completely clean the air of dust, tobacco smoke, odors, can carry out bactericidal treatment, and some models are equipped with an ionizer and air fragrance that not only moisturizes and cleans the air, but also relaxes.
  • Humidifiers – these devices increase the humidity in the room and are also divided into three types. About them a little lower.
  • Climatic complexes – combine in one case a humidifier and an air purifier. They can work together or separately. Sometimes they are called “air sinks.”

Dust is a huge problem of our time, especially in big cities. And to get rid of it you want not only allergic people but everyone who takes care of their health and wants to breathe clean air without bacteria. Air purifiers are a filter system that helps clean the air in the house. There are both mobile cleaners and built-in ventilation systems.

Built-in cleaners help to clean the air in the room more thoroughly. There are cleaners with ionization function. Opinions on the usefulness of ionization are very different. Ionization saturates the air with oxygen and helps fight disease-causing bacteria. You can click for info on this now.

Humidifier: which is better?

If the air purifiers are extremely clear, then the humidifiers are of different types, and they are divided into categories:

Traditional – the easiest to use and work. In the case, there is a fan that drives air through a replaceable paper cassette, impregnated with water. Thanks to this, the air slightly humidifies and cools. Cassettes of this humidifier have antibacterial impregnation, which is enough for 2-3 months. Evaporation from traditional humidifiers occurs without heating the appliance, so the humidity of the air is regulated independently. The higher the humidity, the slower the evaporation, and vice versa. If the air temperature in the room is high, the steam will go more intensively. For this reason, the unit is advised to be placed near the battery in winter. The chances for allergy reduces with this. You can read about it in AAFA.

Steam – the work of two electrodes submerged in water, to which a current is supplied, ensures the operation of this type of humidifier. The current passing through the water heats it; it boils and evaporates. It looks like a pure electric kettle.

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