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Handy Looks at Ways to Introduce Medieval Interior Design into Modern Homes


According to Handy, the allure of medieval decor cannot be denied since it helps to stimulate our imagination and evoke a sense of wonder for bygone eras. Medieval decor offers a distinct feel since the medieval era is generally connected to stone castles, stone fireplaces, and stained-glass windows. However, there is no need to live in castles to enjoy the luxury of medieval decor.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you can follow to introduce medieval interior design into modern homes:

  1. Introduce stone and wood elements into your home – Medieval architecture is defined by wood and stone elements and incorporating them into a modern home can infuse the space with a similar vibe. For starters, you can get rid of any wall-to-wall carpeting or area rugs and instead focus on beautiful, cobbled stone flooring or hardwood flooring. You can also experiment with mosaic tiles, hard-rock, travertine marble, softwood, or touchstone to create unique patterns that reflect your style. Dark wood-stained ceilings supported by rugged beams also help to serve the purpose of medieval decor.
  1. Invest in handcrafted furniture pieces – The furniture pieces of the medieval era were large and chunky and served the decor of that era well with their robust presence. If you want to replicate the style and theme of such an era, it makes sense to invest in large pieces of furniture that have been handcrafted to feature special and complex artistic details such as carvings.

Large and solid wood dark-stained furniture pieces with marvelous carvings not only capture the unique feel of that era but also serve as heirlooms that could be passed on to future generations.

  1. Highlight the complex influence of light and shadow – One of the key attractions of medieval decor is the complex interplay of light and shadow that infuses the space with depth and drama. Proper lighting is incredibly important for any type of home decor style and for medieval decor, you have to rely less on artificial light and focus more on allowing natural light to enter your home.

Naturally light enables the dark wood furniture pieces and stone elements in your house to display their true magnificence. You can pair the natural daylight during the daytime with a fireplace that provides warm and indirect lighting during the night.

  1. Fill up the space with lavish textures and patterns – Medieval interior decor is also focused on creating warm and comfortable decor and you can achieve that by creating plush interiors with various materials such as silk, wool, and linen. It is also important to include heavy fabrics such as thick upholstery and tapestries with colorful patterns.


Handy suggests you pay attention to the finer details that go into medieval decoration to truly make your home feel like an old castle. For instance, you can opt for arched windows and doorways, add a few hangings copper pots in your kitchen, install a wood-burning fireplace in the living room with a textured stone wall, and more.

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